Sunday, 9 March 2014

Japanese-made, possibly prototype, Tokai Tsunami looks strangely familiar
Damn, that's a good looking guitar. And as a Japanese-made Tokai, it ought to be beautifully crafted and a fine player to boot! It's a Tokai Tsunami and while it isn't a copy of any previously known guitar, I think everyone would agree that the Rickenbacker influences in the design are screamingly obvious. It's like the solidbody Rickenbacker that never was. (Having said that, I think there's also a touch of my beloved Yamaha SG-3 in the design too).

The guitar is from 2002 or thereabouts, is in as new condition, and the eBay seller claims that this particular example is a prototype although as far as I can fathom that claim is made due to the apparent lack of a serial number and pickups that differ from known production examples.

Currently listed on eBay with what seems like a wholly reasonable Buy It Now price of US $599.

G L Wilson

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  1. He had listed it previously, it only got a $385 bid which didn't meet the reserve.

  2. Except it's got two humbuckers it's not so far from the "Talbo"(I know it's not aluminium I'm talking design). Anyway it looks great. I wonder how it sounds. If anyone reading this buy it please let us know!

  3. I feel the need to mention that today is the anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami here in Japan. This seems like a name that before would have been fine, but now seems insensitive and cruel. Quite a nice looking guitar despite that.

    1. Hello Keith, it had occured to me that the name was not particularly tactful given that it's a Japanese guitar. However, I hadn't realised that it was the actual anniversary when I made this blog post. I hope no offence has been caused. Gavin.

    2. I hope nobody's offended, seems like just odd timing. An electronic band Capsule was due to release their new album less than 2 weeks after the tsunami, and it was originally titled Killer Wave. Sounded cool before, but not so much after. Something tells me if Tokai was selling this guitar in 2011, it would have been quickly re-branded.



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