Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Unknown probably Japanese short-scale bass looks oddly familiar

Guitarz reader David brought this strange little short-scale bass to my attention having seen it advertised for sale on a French website. My immediate thought was that it looks very similar to the Musicvox Space Cadet model (see the 12-string bass version here), but almost certainly pre-dates it. Most likely a coincidence; I believe with the Space Cadet model, Musicvox's Matt Eichen was simply trying to make a "toned down" more conservative version of the Musicvox Space Ranger.

The pickups are also worthy of note, looking very similar to Bill Lawrence units, but may just be lookalikes.

Asking price is €325.

G L Wilson

EDIT: Someone via our Facebook page tells us that it's not Japanese at all, rather it's European, namely an Egmond Tornado bass. However, I've been unable to corroborate this.

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  1. Here's a page on a Dutch guitar forum discussing this model (in Dutch obviously) but this particular page has several pages from an Egmond catalogue showing this model and its 6 string counterpart, also called Tornado. http://www.gitaarnet.nl/forum/showthread.php?103719-zeldzame-Egmond-tornado-bass/page3 (I think you have to copy and paste links now, they used to be created automatically on the old blogger system).

    Hope this helps.



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