Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Unknown 1960s four-pickup leftie guitar - Can anyone help identify?
This 1960s four-pickup leftie solidbody guitar looks in need of a little TLC and a renovation! But what is it? Does anyone out there recognise it? My thinking is that it is probably Japanese, but I'm going mainly by the headstock shape which does seem strangely familiar. The finish on the front of the guitar and the face of the headstock has been stripped. I'm wondering if it may have had some kind of plastic/celluloid coating - could those strange marks on the stripped surface be where it was glued?

Currently being auctioned on eBay with bidding at US $109.26 at the time of writing.

G L Wilson

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  1. On a guitar collector Facebook page it was identified as being from Vietnam

  2. In the Q&A, a responder notes this is a Hang-Don guitar (Viet Namese)

  3. Alan Peterson emailed to say:

    ...that "Unknown 4-pickup" guitar on your page today was ID'd by someone writing to the Ebay seller, and his comment was, "This is a Hang-Don guitar".

    I cant find any details on Hang-Don, but that's what Im hearing.

    The adhesive residue left on the front -- spelling "KAYC" -- suggests this might have been a prop guitar, perhaps used in a radio station lobby. The calls are genuine, and are currently assigned to a station in Oklahoma, USA. They may have been used elsewhere in the '60s.

  4. Interesting design BUT no bridge. As it looks very Höfner inspired it should'nt be too difficult to find one. I'm not so sure about what has been removed...I'd say probably some kind of stickers and strong varnish that could have turned yellow or cracked (Vietnamese specialty). Wood looks like the one they use in Vietnam to make "souvenirs",little pagods,violins etc...



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