Friday 18 July 2014

Johnny Pro solidbody electric guitar from 1980s Japan
Just when I thought I had quite a good handle on the world of guitars, along comes something else that is totally unknown to me. Had you shown me the above picture, suggested that it was Japanese in origin and asked me to identify this guitar, I'd have probably have said it was something from Daion's range of guitars, mainly because of the rear cutaway.

However, this guitar is apparently a Johnny Pro. That's a brandname I freely admit that I have never heard of before. It's of 1980s vintage and Japanese-made. Maybe they weren't marketed in the UK. This particular example is being sold in Germany. I really like the simple understated design of this mahogany bodied beauty. The bridge pickup is worthy of note seeing as it has a coil tap switch in the centre of the casing. I guess there's no chance of hitting it by accident there, but it should be easy enough to engage/disengage using a guitar pick.

If anyone out there has any more information about Johnny Pro guitars, please do share it with us!

Currently listed on eBay in Germany with a Buy It Now price of €549.

G L Wilson

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  1. I have one exactly the same,but it's name on the headstock is "boston"

  2. I have one exactly the same,but on the headstock it says:"boston".

  3. I have Johnny Pro 2



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