Sunday, 14 June 2015

1909 Gibson L-1 Archtop acoustic with Leather case

I contacted the seller of this 1909 Gibson L-1 Archtop guitar since it was mentioned in the ad that it came with a great story. I received this reply:

"As the story goes on that Gibson....It belonged to a preacher that rode a moped across Canada with this guitar in that leather case on his back. The guitar was later given to his son who kept it in a closet for like 50 years..till now...its in very good condition, as it sat in closet for most of its life."

I'd like to hear some of the stories this semi-closet classic would have to tell from the trip along the way. I've driven across Canada, and cannot imagine what it would have been like on a moped. This stunner did it on the back of a preacher, only to be kept in a closet for 50 years after that. I hope it goes to someone who can give it stories again.

R.W. Haller

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