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Effects Review [with video]: Magnetic Effects ELECTROCHOP pedal
Magnetic Effects are a small company in the UK specialising in handmade boutique effects pedals. Their latest pedal, the Electrochop, has a really cool vintage-sounding vibe. To quote from their own press release:
The Magnetic Effects Electrochop is a super choppy tremolo that features the classic, unique LFO section from the Vox Repeat Percussion. A new audio circuit has been designed around the LFO, resulting in a tremolo that sounds like the Repeat Percussion but with a fuller, louder sound and more controls. All the classic throb but with more user friendly features!

The controls are: Volume, Depth and Speed plus a toggle switch that alters the overall speed range.

The speed range goes from very slow to crazy fast. At higher speeds the sound morphs into a ring modulator type effect.


  • High input impedance and low output impedance
  • True Bypass switching
  • 9V DC adapter or battery powered
  • Rate Toggle switch
  • Volume, Depth and Speed controls
Magnetic Effects very kindly let us borrow an Electrochop for review, and I can honestly say I've had great fun playing with it. I'm going to be sad to have to box this one up and send it back. Having had a taste of what it can do, if I wasn't so utterly broke right now I'd buy this immediately.

The Electrochop is housed in a sturdy metal casing, and the three control knobs are of excellent design allowing even those of us with rapidly failing eyesight to be able to ascertain the various settings at a glance. I also like the use of a blue LED for the power indicator (i.e. pedal ON) as opposed to the usual red we see on effects pedals. The blue nicely complements the colour scheme of the casing too.

Now, while I freely admit that I am not overly comfortable about getting myself out in front of a video camera, I decided that what we really needed here was a demo video, so please watch the below YouTube clip. Please note, that for review purposes I am using the Electrochop as the sole effect on the guitar's tone. Even though Magnetic Effects recommend using it in conjunction with a quality fuzz pedal, I wanted to demonstrate the sounds as produced by the Electrochop alone. As I say in the video, of course you can use it with other effects, you are only limited by your imagination.

By the way, in the video I mention the clarity and silent operation of the Electrochop. Please note that the hum you hear in the video is from my amp, NOT the effects pedal.

The Electrochop is priced at £89 and is available from the following retailers:
G L Wilson

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  1. "We are Spacemen 3 YEAH!"

    Sorry,, had too really. But on the spacemen 3 note, did you get a chance to try this out with any fuzz pedals you happen to own? I understand the demo was for the pedal on its own, but I doubt you were able to restrain yourself to testing it once. I'm personally fascinated by fuzz and tremolo effect sounds used together, but all the pedals I've seen combining the effects are prohibitively expensive. This pedal appears to be (even with transferring to AUD$) to be relatively affordable.

    Boutique fuzz pedals on the other hand.... I'm a little bit wary of fuzz pedals, as I often vastly dislike the fuzz sounds I get from a pedal, and considering the cost of boutique fuzz pedals I don't want to get stuck with an expensive harsh sounding paperweight.

    So, any fuzz recommendations?

    1. I have a couple of fuzz pedals that I'm largely unsatisfied with, so these days usually crank it up on the amp when I want an overdriven sound. If I've got time before I have to return the Electrochop to Magnetic Effects, I'll try to record it together with some fuzz.

      Bertram might have some recommendations for you. He's more of a pedal guy than I am.

    2. Fair nuff. Bertram tho is more of a pedal nutcase than perhaps I'm brave enough to consult.

      I unfortunately cannot get a decent overdriven sound out of my amp as it is a valvatronix series.... It is good, and amps are very expensive in Aus, but still everything's just a little too digital to grant organic overdrive. I've been on the lookout for a decent amp head with which to provide overdriven sounds, but nothing's popped up that I can afford and get shipped to me! Always the problem.

      I have tried a lot of mass-produced fuzzes at my local stores but I always feel unsatisfied, and boutique pedals are hard to come by in my state. Even the fuzz face reissues seem too much about howling fuzz with limited definition and control.

      stil I'll be saving the pennies for this pedal.

    3. I had a load of pedals I sold for a customer and one of them was a Biyang Fz - 7 Fuzz pedal. I use a valvetronix too. and it sounded great. Seemed pretty solidly built and for about 40 british pounds amazing value for money.



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