Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More from Pure Salem guitars - just look at these beauties!
Just under a year ago we looked at a couple of prototype designs from Pure Salem, a new guitar company offering retro-styled guitars with modern production standards and playability. Pure Salem have recently unveiled their range of guitars (although not all the prototypes made it to final production models in case you were wondering what became of design based on the Meazzi Zodiac).

However, just look at what they ARE offering (pictures above), all of which are available in all finishes in both LEFT and RIGHT-HANDED versions. Lefties, take note!

Some of the guitars are obviously Fender inspired (the Wood Soul, Sad Fester, and Reverberation models), whilst the Tom Cat is a modern take on the Guild S-200 Thunderbird. As for the other designs, sharp-eyed readers may recognise some of the influences from vintage guitars featured here on Guitarz.

If you want a closer look, you could do far worse than check out this video demo of the Pure Salem Wood Soul by John Way:

Pure Salem guitars are priced between $625 and $825 depending on model. See their website for further info and/or their very busy FaceBook page. I think they look and sound fantastic, and would love to get my paws on one.

G L Wilson

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  1. Such handsome beasts. "Sad Fester" though? Eh?



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