Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Have you ever seen a more out-of-place headstock on a guitar?
I take one look at this 1980s B.C. Rich acoustic guitar and can't help but demand "What were they thinking?"

A pointy headstock? On a dreadnaught? Madness!

I'm not averse to 6-in-a-line headstocks on acoustic guitars. Fender, for example, have used Strat-like headstocks on their acoustic guitars since the 1960s, and I always quite liked that look. But a pointy 1980s jobbie like this? Perhaps my lack of approval stems from the fact that I never liked pointy headstocks like these on ANY guitars, let alone a poor unsuspecting dreadnaught-styled acoustic.

But of course such things are subjective. Even though I hate it, someone else will probably love it. If that person is reading this blog entry, they may like to know that this guitar, located in Georgia in the USA, is currently listed on eBay and has a starting price of $145.

G L Wilson

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  1. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Get a load of this thing.
    (Sorry for the unwieldy link ... hope it works.)

  2. I like the pointy - I put a beast headstock on an old pbass...loves it!

  3. You can use the headstock in self-defense when the mosh pit at the hootenanny gets out of control...

  4. I have one of these guitars and have owned it since 1986. I love the look..get a lot of comments about it and will probably never part with it until it is passed to my son.

    1. Do you know the actual name of this guitar

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    It's an Uncle Jesse model!

    1. I have one also love it,these guitars are a very rare rare guitar,the guitar shop tells me they are worth over $5000,oo,Dont caremine will be passed to my son.

    2. Do you know the actual name of the guitar



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