Monday, 10 February 2014

Here's another one to identify, but perhaps more detective work needed than usual!
I wonder if you could help me. Now I've seen some "can you guess the instrument" articles, but this ones an expert level one. So the story is: A friend of mine gave me some junk old (bass)guitar drilled with holes, painted white (even the fingerboard...yeah). the neck was totally falling apart, so that got lost instantly. The body allthough was in good shape. the original color was white too I guess.

So this was 6 years ago. The body got lost too. I recently became a luthier but all I'm left is the hardware (without pickups). I'd love to rebuild this guitar almost from scratch. Problem is i don't even know what brand the bass was.

I draw a picture of the old body how i remembered it, and according to the leftover parts how it should've looked. It definetly had a scratch plate but i did not recieve that either.

So what I know:
  • This was a shortscale bass guitar
  • made in 2-76
  • control plate is original blue sparkle
  • double cutaway body (not hollow)
I'm from Hungary Middle-East Europe so i guess it must be something from either Italy, Germany or somewhere from Eastern Europe. I hope you can help me.

Gyula Szabó
Anyone? Here's the rest of the evidence for your consideration:

G L Wilson

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  1. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Looking at the bridge and the headstock I would say that it's a Silvertone bass, but judging by the control panel this is probably going to be an Eastern European model of which there is no trace.

    1. never seen such a plate on the eastern front...

  2. the tailpiece looks similar to the ones on some Hagstroms

  3. Someone on Facebook suggested it might be a modified Defil Luna. See:



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