Monday, 17 February 2014

The Loonycaster - Dennis The Menace guitar
Here's another guitar design based on a comic strip character currently being offered for sale by Guitar Village in the UK. Dubbed the "Loonycaster" the guitar body is modelled on the inane grinning face of Beano comic favourite, Dennis the Menace. [U.S. readers might not recognise this character as Dennis The Menace, as in America he is a small yellow-haired child who is always inadvertently making his neighbour Mr Wilson's life a misery. As to who is the real menace, the UK or US Dennis, it would seem that both Dennises made their first appearances in March 1951. It's just one of those strange coincidences.]

This guitar was originally listed at £759.00 before the priced was slashed to £379.00. However, since that latter price has been struck out on the website I'm not sure if that means the £759 price is reinstated or if someone has actually bought the guitar.

G L Wilson

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1 comment:

  1. That is one crazy looking guitar. I'm not even totally sure how comfortable it would be to play with that spikey hair at the top.

    Glad to see I just learned some knowledge about Dennis the Menace (I'm from the US so he looks nothing like what I thought).



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