Sunday, 2 March 2014

Gibson V2 - a redesigned Flying V from the late 1970s / early 1980s
1980 Gibson V2 in Goldburst, Buy It Now US $5,940

1980 Gibson V2 in Bahama Blue Sparkle, Buy It Now US $6,190
1980 Gibson V2 in Maple, Buy It Now US $3,290
1980 Gibson V2 in Black, Buy It Now US $4,190
1981 Gibson V2 in White, Buy It Now $US $4,390
In 1978 Gibson decided to bring back the Flying V in a new re-designed version, dubbed the V2. it was actually intended to be the companion model to the E2, the then latest incarnation of the Explorer, and was designed by Tim Shaw. The sculptured body contours were originally intended to show off the maple and walnut layers making up the body, but obviously this only had visual impact on natural-finished examples. Additionally it has a Strat-style "tummy tuck" contour on the rear. The boomerang-shaped pickups were designed to sound like single coils but without the associated noise issues; visually along with the boomerang tailpiece they echo the V-shape of the body. In 1982 the pickups on the V2 model were swapped for more conventional looking "Dirty Finger" humbuckers.

Initially the V2 was available in Walnut top and Maple top finises, but the Maple top sold poorly and so, circa 1980-81, Gibson refinished their Maple top inventory in a variety of colours (some seen above), including: Pearl white, Blue sparkle, Blue sparkle metallic, Candy apple Red, Sunburst, Goldburst, Silverburst, Black, and Black Sparkle.

Olivia's Vintage currently have a bunch of these V2s for sale on eBay (see photo captions for links and Buy It Now prices). You'll notice that the prices vary significantly depending on the finish. I guess it's a "collector thing".

G L Wilson
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  1. I had a chance to buy one of those at a pawn shop in the early 80's for $500. Wish I would've now....

  2. Possibly the ugliest guitar Gibson ever made and there's five of them.

    1. Eye of the beholder and all that. Personally, I think Gibson's ugliest guitar is the Les Paul.

    2. Les Pauls are lovely mate.

  3. really like that white one

  4. Yeah, the white and the black ones kind of work. But man, I remember when these came out NOBODY liked 'em. You couldn't give 'em away. I don't imagine that's changed a whole lot.

  5. Played one once a long time ago and loved it. And I don't think they're ugly at all. Never seen them in any of those finishes before!



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