Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Few Links to Share

  • gUitarRENgUitarREN is a new blog from a would-be guitar designer. This guy has a whole bunch of new and refreshing ideas as to what an electric guitar could look like. I especially like his concept of a "neckless" guitar! (Actually, the neck would be integrated as part of the body). The blog features his sketches, cardboard-mock ups, and hopefully as time goes by we'll see some completed instruments too! Recommended.

  • Play Away Guitars: UK-based store specialising in travel guitars (Traveler, MiniStar, Aria Sinsonido, Pignose, etc).

  • Guitar Age: Netherlands-based site with crazy and sometimes cheesy guitars for sale (Eko, Crucianelli, Wandre, etc). Great pics!

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