Monday, 26 January 2009

Vox Mando Guitar

Vox Mando GuitarNow these hardly ever go up for sale on eBay!

Originally produced between 1964-1966, the Vox Mando Guitar is a half-scale 12-string guitar. It's tuned like a 12-string, only an octave higher, and thus allows the guitarist to get a mandolin sound from a familiarly-tuned instrument.

I used to have an 80s-era Eko mando guitar (still do have it, in fact, but it's in bits - but that's another story). It was quite nice for adding little overdubs to recordings, just to get a different sound in places. However, the Eko had a DiMarzio humbucker much more suited to heavy metal. The single coils of the Vox seem to be a much more sensible choice of pickup.

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