Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lindert Locomotive T Bass VI

Lindert Locomotive T Bass VIHere's an "old school" style 6-string bass (i.e. tuned as a guitar but an octave down - guitar string spacing, etc), this one being from the now defunct Lindert compnay from Washington, DC.

I quite like the Tele styling although I'm not overly sure about the fake speaker effect with the tweed cloth inlaid. Nevertheless, it's hard to find what I consider proper 6-string basses these days (and most "baritone guitars" don't go down low enough) and have you seen the prices that a Fender Bass VI now commands?

Nevertheless, I feel an itchy bidding finger, although I really shouldn't as I don't have room for any more guitars.

Must... restrain... myself...

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