Monday, 16 August 2010

1964 Hopf

Hopf 1964

This vintage Hopf is also difficult to identify, it seems to be a mix between a Twisty and a Telstar with its typically 60s European Jazzmaster body and a single centered askew pickup - this humbucker is much likely a later mod. I can't tell if it is a Frankenstein (the headstock doesn't fit with its Twisty body) or a model that I couldn't find - Hopf's jazz 50s hollow body guitars are quite well documented on the Internet, but not the later solid bodies.


EDIT: check the comments for more accurate information.

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  1. I have this guitar in red, with 2 pickups, unfortunately without truss rod. Still the action is quite good. The impedance of the pickups is: bridge 6,25 K Ohm, neck 6,80 K Ohm. Pole pieces of the pickups are magnets and you can take it out just by pulling it (maybe this was a simplified way to adjust its height). From the outside they look like humbuckers or p90 but these are single coils, just like in the old Supros. The sound is amazing. In fact it sounds a quite like a vintage supro. Great guitar so if you can buy it just go for it.

  2. I have the same guitar in red with one pickup and trussrod and i can say that all written above is true. An amazing guitar with sparkling bright sound, a perfect player like all Hopfs.



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