Friday, 20 August 2010

1972 Gibson SG 200

Gibson SG200

This SG 200 looks like a Byelorussian copy from the 70s cut with a chainsaw, painted with tractor oil and mounted with the left-overs of an old WWII Red Army radio found in a barn under two barrels of smuggled vodka - then played for 15 years by a Soviet underground hard-rock band covering Black Sabbath and Motörhead, and finally abandoned in 1991 when its owner emigrated to Israel and managed to buy a real Epiphone, until some Ukrainian eBay seller realized that vintage guitars are valuable also in eastern Europe and revived it.

Well it's nothing of this, it's a real Gibson from 1972, a short-lived down-graded version of the SG from a time when Gibson was loosing control! It has a bigger than standard SG maple body, simplified bridge and controls, and two single-coil pickups, and it looks wild, though it is usually considered as total junk and isn't so far a collectible guitar.

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