Friday, 27 August 2010

Dewey Decibel's FlipOut guitar
Dewey Decibel's FlipOut guitar puts a whole new perspective on the term "reverse body" as used by the likes of Gibson.

Yes, I have blogged about this guitar a long time ago, but I've not shown a photo of one before and haven't seen one on eBay such as this example currently being offered for sale.

This guitar, which is no longer in production, muse surely rank alongside Brian Eastwood's Bender Distortocaster as a novelty "double-take" version of the Stratocaster.

G L Wilson

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  1. Anonymous12:45 am

    this guy ripped off my design that i sent to guitar world contest in like 2004 or 5 or thereabouts. after seeing this i wrote them to ask about it and they said they couldnt find my entry. too coincidental that this ends up in the magazine a year later.



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