Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Pink Paisley Les Paul? Surely not?...
Here's one that could well cause you to perform a double take... it's a Les Paul with a Fender-esque pink paisley finish!

But of course, it's not a Gibson. It's a Tokai Love Rock, and Tokai of course are known for their high quality replicas of guitar designs by Fender and Gibson. They even made a Telecaster in pink paisley in the early 1980s before Fender themselves decided to re-issue the same model. (The Fender Telecaster in question was a Fender Japan guitar, and very likely came off the same production line as its Tokai "counterpart").

On a related note, the Fender Custom Shop's latest models include Telecasters in a choice of pink, blue and green paisley finishes.

Meanwhile, this Tokai Love Rock in Pink Paisley is currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $939. Oh, and I've seen a Tokai SG in the same finish too.

G L Wilson

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  1. nice.. looks more masculine than a paisley Tele

    1. I used to have a pair of paisley pink Fenders - a Tele and a Strat. I never for one moment considered that they might be thought of as "feminine". I just thought they looked psychedelic.

    2. every guitar has a "sex" it's a combination of color as well as lines.

    3. I think you're going off into the realms of fantasy there.

    4. Apparently me and a few million others as well..

      Heres: a few examples on the topic.

    5. I'm not disputing it. I just think it's a peculiar way of thinking. But then I never was very happy with gender stereotyping.

  2. Though we often speak of LP's and Strat's in the same breath, when compared to the finite finishes LP's come in ( White, Black and a handful of sunbursts ) Fender's by comparison are almost 'edgy'.

    I love Tokai and here's a great reason WHY. For the Japanese it's almost a daily celebration of guitar! This isn't just any pink and I wouldn't say one strictly for the ladies. Btw, for whatever males think, wear a pink SHIRT once in awhile and watch the females in your life you rather dread do a 180! At least for the time you're wearing it?

  3. it looks better on a Les Paul actually...



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