Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Surfmaster guitar with "reverse" body as listed on eBay in France

Here's an intrguing guitar called the Surfmaster currently listed on eBay France. Somewhat reminiscent of the Squier and more recent Fender Pawn Shop Super-Sonic guitars, it features a "reverse" style body that looks as if it was designed for a left-handed guitar. Unlike the Super-Sonic it doesn't have the chrome control plate and the pickups are unimaginatively Strat-like in their layout. It's a shame it doesn't also feaure a reverse-style headstock so as the complete the upside-down look, but nevertheless it's an interesting design for someone after a guitar with Strat-type features but wanting something that looks a bit different. I suspect it's another guitar made in the Far East.

Currently listed on eBay France with a starting price of €149.

G L Wilson

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