Friday, 2 August 2013

From Germany: vintage Pfaff / Willy Dreier archtop jazz guitar Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop2_zps61e26575.jpg Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop1_zps944bddc4.jpg Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop3_zpsb8ed4fb0.jpg Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop4_zps967864e3.jpg Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop5_zps1276fbd2.jpg Pfaff Willy Dreier archtop photo WillyDreierPfaffarchtop6_zpsd7ed6e59.jpg I'm not quite sure why this Pfaff archtop jazz guitar has a Willy Dreier label inside. Friedrich Pfaff produced guitars from 1947 - 1955 for MIGMA, whereas Willy Dreier was a Berlin luthier working in the early to mid 20th Century. Maybe he worked on this particular guitar at some point, performing renovations or repairs perhaps? Whatever the case it is surely an instrument worthy of inclusion here on Guitarz. Just check the (quite appropriate) German carve, the Art Deco headstock and inlays, and that Melos Belton pickup which looks like an extension of the fingerboard itself.

Currently listed on with a flurry of bidding at the time of writing. The auction ends tomorrow, so I'll list the final price later.

G L Wilson

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  1. Are the top and back carved or pressure/glue-formed?

  2. The Recurve is carved that way. I have a guitar like this



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