Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MIJ Charvel Jackson Spectrum in Desert Crackle finish

Dear readers of The Guitar Blog, it's been above 35° C here in Vienna in the last 10 days, my brain is cooked in my skull, it must be why I have an improbable interest in this 1980s hair metal Charvel Jackson Spectrum. And since the slightest effort is painful, I will just copy-paste here what I found about it in Wikipedia:
The Spectrum guitar was inspired by a Jackson guitar custom built for Jeff Beck, and was based on a Stratocaster style body, but with a reversed pointed headstock, an early 50s Fender P-Bass-inspired pickguard, wild colors, and an active tone circuit that produced a wah effect. The three single-coil pickups were in fact stacked humbucking coils. Most of the guitars at the time were equipped with Schaller hardware, including a licensed Floyd Rose locking tremolo.
That's it for today!

 Bertram D

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  1. Nice Collection.
    Hello Dear Guitarist,
    The Blog is prepared for Guitar Scales and maybe eventually Chords. Hope you guys are enjoying. Any recommendations and feedback would be Greatly appreciated.
    Hopefully you can come to this blog and find the necessary scales and song chords you are looking for.

    Thank You.

  2. Dive bombers unite!!

  3. It's shame so many otherwise fine guitars were ruined with those horrible pointy headstocks, that awful crackle finish, and all that Floyd Rose crap. But for all that you'd have a really cool guitar here.

  4. Hate the headstock and the crackle, otherwise it looks like a slightly speedier version of the Squier 51

  5. Not a big fan of the pick guard style, but overall not a bad guitar. Any idea how they went about painting it to get the crackle look?

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