Sunday, 4 August 2013

Solo II - USSR Soviet-era guitar
Email from Will:
Here's an item worthy of a place of honor in the Schlock Hall of Fame. It is a Soviet era "Solo II" solid body with 3 pick-ups and a reasonable attempt at a "Daphne Blue" finish.

By my reckoning, the guitar comes equipped with three rather squared-off pickups, 5 white plastic toggles of indeterminate function, 5 revolving round control knobs, and no strings. The main treasure of this listing, however must surely be the tortured description of the guitar, found just under the photographs. There you will encounter some rather confusing prose advising the reader that, "the guitar is made of fine wood, in fact it is the same Soviet sandwich," (is the seller trying to say that it is laminated?), and that, "the guitars were painted black polyester painted matt color options dirt paint over black polyester," (multi-coat paint-job???) and also that, "convenient to most Soviet vultures," (you're on your own-I am unable to decipher this particular part of the hieroglyphic!).

Of course, it is "rare." Who would want to part with 199 of the best that America has to offer to own something like this?


Thanks Will, for sharing this eBay find with us. This guitar is currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $199 and is located in Belarus so there would be shipping charges to also take into account. We have actually featured one of these on Guitarz before, a black example complete with strings this time! Note how the rear strap button unscrews to reveal an integral screwdriver!

G L Wilson

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  1. Very heavy fretboard wear. Looks like Comrade X needs to have his guitar re-fretted.

  2. Heres another one in the UK Collection Only! Boooo!



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