Sunday, 25 August 2013

Klira hollow body

Unfortunately Klira guitars are poorly documented on the internet, though this West-German company has been making music instruments for one century - stopping in the 1980s. Though at the time they started to build electric guitars they were located in Bavaria, the company was originated in Saxony,  next to the Czech border, like many German music instruments manufacturers based in Markneukirche and around.

All I can tell about this guitar is what I see: originally it had 3 pickups, 2 ones are left and have been slanted. It has the typically Klira strangely shaped control plate and cool tremolo. Its eBay seller says that it sounds good and loud - we'll have to believe him there...

Bertram D

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  1. Anonymous4:10 am

    As another has already said, we're missing a middle pick-up. My complaint would be that they appear to be single-coil, and maybe it's too much Ted Nugent influence, but I love hollow body guitars for rocking due to the copious amounts of feedback without much effort you can get. I want to see humbuckers- less noise, better tone. ;-)

    Resonator Guitar Store

  2. The more Im looking at this Klira, the more Im thinking about that blue "mystery guitar" from Monday 12 Aug. You cannot ignore those inlays.

  3. Dear Bertram
    i had a 1965 Klira. semi acoustic. if you ever run in to one of those i would buy it from you

  4. I want to sell à klira semi JAG. 100% original I would sell iT fore 800%. 100% origineel good player looks good. Vr groeten.

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