Wednesday, 1 January 2014

See a Migma thinline guitar in a Wall of Death video

In this video of French band Wall of Death (who opened for the Black Angels on their last tour, the guitarist mimes playing on an übercool Migma thinline such as this one (we also posted about the blue model with floral  pattern that is on the video but I cannot find the link [here it is - GLW]). From the live videos I could see online, he doesn't play it on stage…

I wish you a happy New Year 2014, full of Peace, Love and Guitars!

Bertram D

Edit: here is the guitar 

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  1. I love that guitar!! I've found your old blog a while ago bcz I wanted to keep a photo of it but not on your site :/

    1. Oh great... another bloody scraper blog.

  2. Wall of death indeed. Great guitar but where are the bikes?

  3. That's a love it or hate it guitar. I love it! (my brother hates them)

    But I've seen pics of a few other examples (one red (featured at this site), one orange, and one a brown stain). The brown and the red ones had a shorter body that I found kind of ugly (I didn't realize it was shorter until I blew it up on my overhead projector (which I use if I want to copy a guitar, so I can build it - it kind of works, but it's not the greatest). I didn't build it, but one of these days, I may do one of the long body ones.



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