Sunday, 18 May 2014

Clarke Spellbinder long-scale bass as personally owned by Stanley Clarke
From the eBay listing:
The ONLY right handed long scale made..truly one of a kind !!!

Available is the coveted serial #4 long scale Clarke Spellbinder (a personal bass of Stanley Clarke ) only RH LS in existence!!!!

The 70's was a busy decade for Lieber Instruments. In 1979, Stanley Clarke became the proud owner of a custom Spider Grinder acoustic bass. At that time, Stanley was also playing Rick Turner's first graphite neck, through body, Alembic electric bass. Stanley loved the graphite neck, and felt that an all composite bass was the way to go. He commissioned Tom to design such a bass.

Stanley approved the design and Tom built a prototype guitar which required four patents to handle the innovations. Stanley loved the bass, and in a
joint venture, Tom and Stanley formed the Spellbinder Corporation in 1980. Spellbinder produced a limited edition run of fifty spellbinder basses. One additional custom left-handed version was built at Stanley's request, as a personal gift from Stanley to Paul McCartney. The run was a success and, as planned, the Spellbinder molds were destroyed to insure the instrument's value.

 (sic throughout)
Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of US $9,112.50.

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