Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Von Mir Pintail 6 and Boxtail - all original design guitars from the USA
Von Mir Pintail 6
I was quite taken by the design of this Von Mir Pintail 6 guitar as listed recently on eBay UK; its slim hour-glass shape is almost reminiscent of certain lap steel designs. It's an original design that - for me - actually works nicely. This guitar was listed with a Buy It Now price of £499 but failed to sell. It's possible it may be re-listed at some point. I thought it was interesting that a little known American-made guitar had found its way into the United Kingdom.

Von Mir Boxtail
Von Mir Guitars were (are?) built in the USA by Steve Campos. Whether it is still a going concern, I don't know, but I don't believe very many were built. As well as the Pintail 6 there is also a Pintail Bass and another design with a bound body giving it an almost Les Paul aesthetic, the Von Mir Boxtail.

G L Wilson

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  1. In two minds about this one. Personally I don't like cut-down body shapes, and the natural sunburst model looks like a charred remnant rescued from a burning building. However I have to admit the black & white bound version is much more attractive, and certainly a well-crafted piece of luthiery.



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