Monday, 19 May 2014

Ibanez / Dega Bizarre Series "Biz Moon" freaky vintage Japanese guitar
This is the kind of stuff that I really enjoy: freaky vintage guitars from Japan! This guitar has been the subject of much discussion today over on the Vintage Japanese Guitar Fanclub on Facebook. Its owner, Arjen, says it's an Ibanez but is unsure of the model. Others have insisted that it is a Dega.

From what I can work out from following the discussion is that these guitars were branded as both Ibanez and Dega, and were part of the appropriately names "Bizarre Series", with this model being known as the Biz Moon. It seems it would have been made circa 1966-67 and would have originally retailed for $115.95.

It really is quite a wonderful looking creation; I'd love to take to the stage with a guitar like this, if only to use it on just one song.

Thanks to Arjen and the guys of the Vintage Japanese Guitar Fanclub.

G L Wilson

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  1. Anyone know what type of guitar Jack White uses? I know he has a couple different ones. The one that I really like has a big hollow look and looks super old. He plays a lot of his blues songs on it.

  2. Very "Yamaha" in fact!



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