Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hand-built doubleneck guitar is a double-sixer
Currently listed on eBay UK, this home-built doubleneck guitar recently caught my attention. Whilst it's hardly the most elegant or beautifully designed instrument, it is a guitar clearly built to fulfill a need and does look as if it might possess a certain mojo. The seller/builder says he used it in his band and tuned the six-string necks to open D and open G. Which makes perfect sense if you're playing blues riffs or slide guitar.

The auction ends on eBay in three hours time as I type this so I'll be checking back later to see what this beastie eventually sells for.

G L Wilson

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  1. Great find; you can play it either laptop style or with a strap. No compromise; clear switch and a volume pot, opposite necks so you can't mess with the tuning pegs! I don't know what kind of pickups is used there but anyway you obviously can change them for let's say p90's because the overall conception is really good!

  2. I just had a look as I was wondering about the pups too - (humbuckers).
    6 bids, and it went for £132.



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