Saturday, 10 May 2014

Leather-covered guitars by Serge Volken

To keep introductions short, I work with leather since 30+ years and finally had the courage to customise some guitars. I used to be a professional leather worker, but luckily I regressed to amateur again to have more creative freedom. This allows me to select projects that are along the line of things I can stand for and can enjoy working on. My main job is still in leather, but more so with very old leather from archaeological sites.

I don't have a webpage other than my Facebook page for my personal work

I'm still waiting for the occasion to customise a guitar with some of my organic textures but haven't found the occasion so far.

I am sending you some pictures of my latest unique baby I made for a friend of mine. The theme was his desire but I had total freedom to make the design myself. It took many sketches and quite some planning to create a design with a motion that takes contours and elements of the guitars body into consideration. I am just curious what some guitar experts could say about leather covered guitars. I am dead against covering acoustic guitars because I believe that the sound will suffer from it. E-guitars on the other hand are less prone to changes of sound, at least it's what I think, based on the theory, that the mikes depend more on the mass of the body than reverberation of a hollow body.

Feel free to post those pictures on your blog and lets see if I have sinned in the eyes of guitar aficionados ;)  So far I haven't dared to massacre a Fender or Les Paul. The one I'm posting is a LAG that has a curious feature: two hollowed openings. Having looked closely at different guitars I realised that the best ones for leather covers are those where the electronics are accessed from the back, leaving a maximum design space on the front. After all we wouldn't want to close permanently any access to the electronics on the inside, in case some repair or changes would be desired.


Serge aka Bigfoot

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  1. Stunning work. Thoughtful and elegant! I particularly enjoy the effort to create " a motion that takes contours and elements of the guitars body into consideration." I'm also fascinated by the notion of "archaeological leathers." Please continue this pursuit!

  2. I finally managed to put together a small stop motion video of the "making of" on YouTube



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