Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Refreshingly honest seller on eBay

I wish all eBay sellers were as honest in their opinions about the items they are selling as this guy. However, he'd never get a job in marketing with this approach.

His listing reads:
Crappy junk New Surfcaster Guitar, I hate this thing

Yes, I still have this piece of garbage. It's still new even though it's a few years old because it sucks too bad to play. So it just sits and acts ugly. Why won't someone relieve me of my burden? I hate this thing. This piece of junk was made by Jackson around '04 I think. Why they made it is anyone's guess. I'd love to interview the guy that made the decision at Jackson though. It is called a "Jackson Surfcaster" but it is just an ugly slab of wood masquerading as a Surf. It doesn't have the soundhole, neck shape, inlays, heft, sound or looks of the original surfs or the later nicer Jackson Surfs that were all made in Japan. This was made in India. While they do a lot of great things in India, making guitars, evidently, is not one of them. Jackson ruined the most beautiful guitar in the world with this monstrosity. I bought it thinking all Surfs must be great. Not So! Only the Charvels and early Jackson's made in Japan are great. This thing is bland sounding and bland looking. No tremolo or cool C tailpiece. Just lazy strings through the body. This one is an ugly metallic red. It has a small neck, but it's round, not flat like classic surfs. I don't have anything good to say about it. This thing is so ugly that even though I get 12 pictures for the price of 10 with ebay, it's not worth any more pictures. There is no other angle to try to get it to look good. If you buy it, you're going to hate it, but please, please, do buy it so I can get it out of my house. Free shipping to entice you. No returns. Once you buy it you're stuck. You're it. And I promise you my handling time will be less than a day. I'll have it out of here and on it's way to you in 20 minutes.

Thanks for looking, and happy bidding.
Good luck to him! Perhaps if he lowered the price a little someone would buy it to smash it up. (Actually, no, don't do that. It's the most appalling cliché.) It really is a bad copy of a "proper" Surfcaster, that much is apparent from the photo.

G L Wilson

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