Friday, 18 December 2009

Jay Wasco's Egotar

I must admit that at first sight, it's difficult to take Jay Wasco's Egotar really serious - it looks like a punk noise prototype that is fun to build and fun to play, but you wouldn't expect from it high versatility and playability.

But then you look at the video down there and you realize that this guy knew what he was doing when he built it - and seriously knows what to do with it!

The Egotar includes an amazing innovation for slide guitar playing. This instrument is not new, and I'm surprise that this idea didn't take and that slide guitar players didn't jump on this system to expand their instruments (OK, when you play slide guitar you mostly want to sound old-timy bluesy but still...).

And there's much more where it comes from. Spend some time of Jay Wasco's site and you will discover some incredible instruments such as the fractal harp... Enjoy!

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