Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Homemade through-neck Strat-type guitar


Recently we looked at a homemade guitar with a clear Les Paul influence, and today I present you with what you could call its Stratocaster counterpart.

The guitar appears to be made from a single piece of timber, probably mahogany judging by the colouring, and whilst the maker has not got the shape correct, it's quite obvious what guitar this has been inspired by. You could say that it was an approximation of a Strat.

Interestingly, despite its Fender influences, the maker has opted to make it a through-neck and seems to have borrowed other more Gibson-esque features in the number and layout of the volume and tone controls, and the use of a tune-o-matic style bridge and tailpiece.

The seller claims that it is well-made and sounds good with a nice tone and resonation. It's not surprising because the woodwork would appear to be perfectly competent; it just appears that any plans of what a Strat should look like were in the maker's head.

The tuners that the seller mentions, with a star on the back of each, are - I believe - from a Univox guitar. I have seen similar on Univox branded Strat-a-likes.

G L Wilson

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