Saturday, 12 December 2009

Zachary's walnut Moderne

Zachary Modern G4

It's always a piece of fun to connect to Zachary Guitars website - for those who don't know it, I recommend a little visit but not without warning you that it is a borderline experience... The hubris of Alex Csiky (Zachary Guitars's maker) makes difficult to be sure that his guitars are as good as he claims, but his anti-guitar establishment ranting is quite unique and often convincing...

This time again I was not disappointed since I discovered Zachary's last guitar, its second version of the legendary Gibson Moderne, a little marvel made of beautiful walnut wood, that appears on the following video to be a very nice player. It is a smart move on a model that deserves to be more than mere an urban legend or an expensive cult fetish.

I have no problem advertising here Zachary's new guitar, since it is very unlikely that Alex would accept any of you readers as a customer - for sure he wouldn't sell me a guitar, never been interested in playing a maximum of notes in a minimum of time...

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