Sunday, 27 December 2009

Loïc Le Pape Steelwave & Steel Falcon

Le Pape Steelwave

Is it France's fate to provide guitars made of steel to baffled guitarists?

After the famous James Trussard , Loïc Le Pape now builds - or should I say forges? - shining monsters such as this Steelwave... When Trussard focuses on the same few standard models (like everybody else, actually), Le Pape proposes several classic guitars that really deserved to exist in steel version, a.o. the whole Gibson line with Explorer, Flying V, Firebird, SG, also different semi-hollow models like this Steel Falcon, or a beautifully engraved Rickenbacker 4001 (couldn't show everything here...)...

Not enough original models unfortunately, and too much of these outrageously relicked finishes, but most of these guitars are custom orders I guess, so Le Pape has to follow the trend, but I can imagine that his work will mature over time and the future promises even better guitars... Scary!

Steel guitars not only look cool, they're supposed to provide a terrific sound with ultimate rigidity and perfect sustain, resonance, and a very detailed sound... I hope that one day I can put my fingers on one of these!

Steel Falcon

Aaah, la France, ses camemberts, ses philosophes morts, ses guitares en acier...

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