Thursday, 17 December 2009

Aluminium-bodied J-Bass

This aluminium-bodied J-Bass is a one-off featuring a body created by one of the guys who built the Fender Harley Davidson Strat bodies, circa 1993.

The body is slab-style rather than being contoured like regular Jazz Basses, and so the seller refers to it as a JT style - Jazz Bass shaped but with squared edges like a Tele bass or early 50s Fender Precision bass.

The bass features two concentric pots offering volume and tone for each pickup, as on the early Fender Jazz Bass.

The aluminium body is hollow and has the pickups sitting on top of a 1" solid aluminum tuning bar connecting the neck block to the bridge block.

(Before anyone points it out, I'm aware that this is the third bass post in a row. Let's have no complaints - no-one minds when we post six or seven guitar posts in sequence.)

G L Wilson

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