Sunday, 20 December 2009

60s Maton Big Ben Bass

Maton Big Ben bass

I discovered recently a cool guitar website - for some reason another one from Oz (it seems that down there to is the right place where to combine guitar passion and Internet).
Being Australian, Guitarnerd released a few interesting posts about vintage Maton Guitars, the historical Australian guitar company (I was actually trying to know more about the guitar Josh Homme played with Them Crooked Vultures on a cool concert on French TV (you'll remember that I presented here his other favorite guitar, the BelAire MotorAve)).

The last post of Guitarnerd from which I borrowed this picture is about he Big Ben bass, that is one of the coolest thing I ever saw! I won't copy this post, so the best is that you go there and read it by yourselves...

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