Friday, 11 December 2009

Paul Kinny's stereo acoustic guitar

A quite unusual guitar is this stereo acoustic guitar by Paul Kinny.
Hard to tell just from looking at it, if this acoustic experimentation is serious or worth the work, but in my opinion it deserves a positive a priori. I like how innovation for electric guitars feedbacks into acoustic ones - and in general how new technologies provide new concepts relevant in any field.

So I can understand that if you think stereo is good for a solid body electric guitar, why not try it for an acoustic one? The shape is supposed to split low and high frequencies and send them to the two holes - and due to the position of these holes, the effect is mostly aimed at the player - or if you record it with two mikes (it is actually a studio guitar).

And if you have a look at Paul Kinny's website, you can see that the guy is never tired of experimenting and proposes other unique instruments that I know will interest some readers of this blog, such as the Mandolinish...


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