Thursday, 24 December 2009


I couldn't believe my ears!

On the post about the Vox Starstream, you could see this scary photo of the Banana Splits (I was told that it's taken from a 70s children program, no wonder why the Brits ended up 30 years later having Tony Blair take them to war).
It reminded me of my favorite rock/children program (that I didn't see when I was a child, but later, as a support for diverse psychotropic investigations), Japanese anime Ai Shite Knight, so I searched YouTube to check if it was as bad as in my memory, and I found this video...

And what do you hear in the first seconds of the title song? The infamous riff Joe Satriani and Coldplay have been fighting about a few months ago!
So today we have the answer, Coldplay didn't copy Satriani, they both plagiarized this masterpiece of rock music, the title song of Ai Shite Knight (Japanese version)!

Merry Christmas

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