Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A couple of very strange basses for you...

I've received an email from Vladimir which included the two photographs I have reproduced in this post. He wants to know what is the identity of one of the basses and says that the other is an Apex bass.

Unfortunately for me, I don't know which is which. I recognise the picture of the strange green-bodied fretless bass (I think the now sadly defunct Bunny Bass website had it in their gallery of amusing basses a few years ago), but I couldn't tell you anything about either of these basses.

Anyone out there got any ideas?

G L Wilson

Additional - Vladimir writes again:

"Second bass it is Apex by Kamel Chenaouy, made in Nasshville, in 1979-1986.
In photo may bass it 12.12.83

Kamel Chenaouy is well known for his Apex guitars and other creations in the guitar world. He also has a forum where he advises budding luthiers on how to build one's own guitars. Its here:"

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