Thursday, 4 October 2012

Goulding Resonator guitar handmade in aluminium
UK luthier Anthony Goulding, who specialises in guitars made from aluminium, has unveiled his latest creation, this gorgeous single-cutaway resonator guitar.

It's a departure from his trademark doublecut German carve guitars, and I guess he's based it on the Goulding Stack body shape. Of course, a metal-bodied guitar lends itself nicely to the resonator concept. Like all Goulding guitars it is completely hand-built and features Goulding's own hand-turned metal hardware. I particularly like the plate on the headstock which features the same pattern as that on the cover over the cone on the body.

G L Wilson

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  1. Played a standard Goulding once at a show - amazing looking but for me both the feel and sound were far from "right". I was expecting more Les Paul kind of sound but it was a fairly unwarm sound and not that nice brittleness from a tele say... Some would like it but I next tried a Rob Williams - now that was something really special!

    1. The trouble with trying out guitars at shows is that you can rarely hear properly anyway with all the noise going on.

    2. Anonymous8:47 pm

      Like Mr. Wilson says a show isn't great for sound... Still good for feel and looks though.

      When you're dealing with electric guitars, you can't underestimate the importance of amp, amp settings, pickups, guitar tone/volume settings etc. either...

      For example, if you crank everything up on a goulding expecting it to respond like a Les Paul with P90s you're going to have a bad time. You CAN get that sound though, it's just not in the same place in terms of the pots. Cranking it will get you towards a sterile "Steinberger with EMGs" sound instead of a warm rock sound and rolling off loads will get you towards an extremely quiet but still dynamically sensitive old school '40s jazz sound.

      The Goulding guitars are quite exceptionally sensitive and you have to spend some time with them to figure out how to get the specific sound you want - only because they're all in there somewhere!

      Have a look at this, even with all digital tone it can get some cool sounds!

  2. Im new here so forgive me if Im in the wrong place . heres my story : I found an old marco polo reso guitar for 300.00 The dang thing sounds so good , better than all the newer mid priced ones . Is 300 too mauch to pay? I'm really tempted to buy it just because it does have a nice tone . If you feel like offering any suggestions , I thank you - billy freeze

  3. "G L Wilson10:42 am
    The trouble with trying out guitars at shows is that you can rarely hear properly anyway with all the noise going on" yeah its all noise for some sorry I don't heard it. Why is it you call people stupid dumb and ignorant again?



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