Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Teisco Del Ray ET-230 vs Eastwood K-65 reissue - but which is better?
Currently listed on eBay are this Eastwood K-65 (left above), a now discontinued model based on a classic 1960s Japanese Teisco guitar and with a Buy It Now price of $499.95, and also this - the guitar the Eastwood was based on - an original two-pickup Teisco ET-230 (above centre and right) with a Buy It Now price of $325. Some would argue that the more modern Eastwood reissue would be a better player, but wouldn't the original Teisco be much cooler?

Which one would you choose?

G L Wilson

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  1. how about both? One for stage and one for home. If I had to choose though, I would go with the Teisco. $325 for a 40+ year old guitar is a great deal.

  2. Anonymous11:01 pm

    I'd go for the Teisco-the Eastwood would no doubt be way more playable but only the Teisco would nail that authentic 1960s garage rock sound.

  3. A good argument could be raised for either or as the previous poster archly suggested getting both. At $325 the vintage Teisco is an unarguably a decently priced and to my eyes another welcome addition to the growing trend of REALISTIC prices for non-A list vintage instruments. Then of course later in the day I walked into an LA pawnshop only to see an unplayable (unless you like your action just a little lower than the height of the Golden Gate Bridge) condition with a tag that read $850! So the battle of Reality vs Delusion lives on in the US of A. A subject we will find more about next Tuesday

  4. The Teisco has the cool factor, but that bridge and those pickups just don't cut it- I speak from bitter experience. A tough call. That's a good price for the ET-320, and a fairly high price for the Eastwood. I'd get the Teisco, replace the bridge and live with the pickups.

  5. As Reissues go, it's good- some reissues, especially cheaply produced ones, just take the body and head stock shape and use generic strat/les paul etc parts.
    However, I reckon the original has a coolness the reissue doesn't, even if it's unlikely to play as well.

  6. Like most - and though I do appreciate Eastwood guitars - I would pick the Teisco as a collector item - for playability I will stick to my Jaguar...

  7. Is it really an ET-230 ? I bought the exact same Teisco guitar this summer in a guitar shop in New York. No name on it but according to the Teisco catalogues, it's supposed to be a K2L or a KL2 (2 for 2 pickups). Mine is in great overall condition and the strings action is actually very low, not like many other vintage Teiscos that are "great for sliding", as they say... :) The pickups have great tones too especially with clear sounds. It's more "greasy" with heavy distortions but that's a distinctive sound and these guitars are appreciated for this very peculiar sound (it's used by James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins on their album Siamese Dream). The neck is thick and large too. My model comes with a Gibson-like bridge, not that roller bridge. I tought it was not the original one but actually it is. If you ever played Teisco guitars, cheap ones like the "Tulip" series, the KL2 feels a lot more "serious business". It's definitly a great axe to play. Check out videos on Youtube for the sounds. (Greguti)

    1. See the photos on the original eBay listing. The model designation on the plate beneath the neck plate is ET-230. Copy and paste this URL:



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