Monday, 1 October 2012

Northern SG - an all maple Canadian-flavoured guitar
Guitarz reader Richard Haller spotted this Northern SG for sale on a Canadian classifieds adverts website. Obviously based on the Gibson SG, this guitar features all-maple construction with a vine leaf design carved into the top of the body and (appropriately) maple leaf inlays on headstock and position markers.

According to the website listing:
This is a 1980s Northern copy of the Gibson SG. The Northern brand was offered by North American Music Enterprises, a now-defunct distributor and importer located in Burlington, Ontario. Northern models were made in Japanese factories to specs provided by the importer. They were quality-made copies of popular American guitars.
Listed for sale in Ottawa, ON, for $849 (Canadian dollars, I presume).

G L Wilson

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  1. In late 1970's high school I play with a guitarist who had a Northern es335. A Lovely guitar with the same pickups as this SG. I have not seen him for a coule of years but he still had the guitar. Not sure about the price of 849 CND.

  2. I really hope this doesnt hav 1meg pots @.@ sooooo bright

  3. I want one of these.. if anyone has one for sale, let me know.. Cheers



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