Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vintage German-made Goldklang archtop hollow body electric guitar
Surely this Goldklang archtop is a relation of other German brands Musima, Migma and Perlgold guitars? There are too many design and hardware similarities for it to be mere coincidence. It's a fantastic looking guitar and don't you just love the name Goldklang?

This guitar is being sold by a seller in Poland and the eBay Buy It Now price works out at approximately £484 / $764.

G L Wilson

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  1. the pickguard is definitely Migma but the headstock I've never seen!

    1. Notice, a pickguard mounting assembly that looks like it means business! Not sure how the trem works. It doesn't appear to have any fulcrum, springs or moving parts for that matter?

      The detail shots from the orig. post reveal the frets are oh so delicate. More markers really with a very smooth taper starting directly -under- the 1st & 6th strings. You KNOW the designers were proud when they stepped back and looked at the finished product!

  2. Gorgeous, love everything about it from the headstock on down. Yes I love the name too.



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