Sunday, 5 September 2010

Vintage 1960s Imperial Guyatone Teisco Kawai whatever project

There are two of these Imperial guitars on eBay at this very moment and neither seller knows exactly what the make is so they're both throwing around cool, collectible, desirable, hip, MIJ, Sears catalogue, rare, vintage, 60's brand names in the hope they'll catch the attention of hip collectors.

This is my kind of vintage project so it did catch my attention. I love the mix of old - sunburst, pearloid, traditional headstock, script logo - and new - jaggedy scratchplate, sharp horns, rocker switches. It's like they didn't know which market to go for so went for both. Notice the Strat jack socket too.

Had I seen this beauty in a car boot sale in Banbury for ten quid back in the day, it would have definitely joined my project collection.

A nice little note regarding "project" guitars: one of the sellers says "Put this poject in your basement and take it out of mine". As someone who, at one time, had 24 project guitars (I counted them) in various stages of never going to be finished, this has an ominous ring of truth about it.

David in Barcelona

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  1. I have the same exact one right now in front of me. Whats it worth?

  2. I have a very unusual guitar from around the 60's era. I've been to numerous music stores only for them to tell me it was really nice and different than what they normally see. Is there a way to make contact and send someone pics of what I have?



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