Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Here's another to identify... Any ideas?
Hi, my name is Kalle Mattsson, for me the internet pretty much is gmail, facebook and Guitarz these days.

Today I came across this add on the Dutch version of ebay:

The ad only says that the seller wants to know wether or not this is a valuable guitar, and that he doesn´t trust that is says Höfner on the headstock.
It does have some nice features, and I thought you might like to see it.

All the best

Wow! That guitar certainly has a very interesting finish. I think the "seller" is right to be suspicious of the Höfner name on the headstock - it's not like any Höfner I've seen before. It looks more like an Egmond, which - given the location - would be quite feasible. Maybe an Egmond fitted with a Höfner neck?

Does anyone else out there have any better information to offer?

G L Wilson

Edit: Several people have suggested that it might be an Isana, a relation of this guitar perhaps.

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  1. I feel like I saw a similar guitar for sale in Portland Maine many years ago - at Rose Cottage Music - and I believe it was a Klira, from Germany. It had something weird, like a 5-pin output jack though, as opposed to a standard 1/4 inch jack.

    The headstock is very Egmond-ish though.

    Krishna/Guitar Garage

  2. I think we did have an answer for this... before we lost all the comments recently. (Grrrrr...)

  3. You can find a very similar guitar on this link:



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