Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What's that guitar?

I should know this guitar, I've seen this cool control plate before, but it's one of these no-brands from the 60s - I can't even figure out if it's Italian or Japanese (it's sold as an Eko but I doubt that, it's not in any Eko catalogues). 

So, people, who can identify it?


Edit: check the comments, no answer yet but serious leads point to either Cimar or Teisco.

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  1. wow, i have exactly the same guitar with an Ibanez logo in the head, i was looking in internet trying to put a date on it and then i found your picture! that's amazing, this guitar is truly weird because i've found out that parts of Ibanez from the sixties also came from Teisco guitars and i've seen this cool switchboard also on Teisco's, so that made me very confused too. i will send u some pictures of mine in your email. very cool to find this blog by the way.

    1. I have the same. With Ibanez logo. I found it in Ibanez broschure. It's from 1968. They did two similar models at the time.

    2. hi gowno, very cool to finally be able to date this guitar, thanx!

    3. Helllo. I'm from Chile and I have exactly the same guitar too, but without the logo. Sancho Pancho or anyone, could you please send me some pictures to my email? Here some pictures:



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