Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bizarre EMG-equipped headless metal guitar on eBay in Germany
Will saw this bizarre headless metal guitar on (the German eBay site) and has kindly translated the listing for us:
Handmade Metal Guitar Bizarre and Cool!

The ultimate metal guitar! This Metal Guitar was handmade by my colleague, and is a real 'Unikat!' Made of Steel, Brass, Iron & Aluminum. All parts, including the bridge, battery compartment were hand made. Only the pickups, Knobs, tuners, electrical wiring, output jack and a couple of screws were purchased. Very impressive. Comes with Zak Wylde EMG 81 & 85 pickups. 2 volume controls blend the imput of the pickups. Weighs 17.5 pounds. Bizarre & Cool Require a very thick leather strap while playing. Absolute eye-catcher and may be of interest to collectors. Guitar sold "as is." We're always open to offers.
He goes on to add that:
At 17.5 lbs., this is the sort of plank that would make Les Paul players stop whining about how heavy their guitars become after a short time playing them. Check out the frets on this monster. Could they be any fatter?

Remember, it is both bizarre AND cool!
Those frets remind me of the now legendary Gittler guitar - but of course that didn't have the fingerboard.

Unfortunately - for those of you who might have wanted to bid - the listing has now ended. Could this guitar really have sold for as little as €141,50? I would have thought it was worth more than that in scrap metal value alone?

G L Wilson

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  1. Monster look,monster frets,monster neck and monster weight BUT does it have a monster sound?

  2. Those frets! Jumbo doesn't even begin to describe it: those are Jumbo x 10^6 frets!



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