Friday, 10 May 2013

MIJ vintage Elk strat

Elk was an esteemed Japanese amps and guitars company in the 1960s/1970s - more known for its amps actually, and it ended up building some for Fender.

This two pickups strat copy is quite beaten, but I like the look of a Jaguar tremolo on a strat body - it feels right, isn't it?

Bertram D

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  1. Too bad it is so beat up; it looks as if it was a pretty good guitar when it was new. If it wasn't in Germany I'd be tempted to buy and restore it...

  2. I like it too - the pickup layout, that Jazzmaster trem (of course), the bound neck, the block inlays, and even the white finish and the 5-ply white/black/white/black/white pickguard.

    1. I couldn't nail what is so cool in this guitar but you're right, it's the 5-ply pickguard!

  3. To be able to restore it: first string length in order to find a proper tailpiece (and with the accurate width) then check the electronics(easy) then the pickups. I didn't mention the tremeolo because usually it works or it's easy to fix. A good polishing and overall cleaning and that could be a good find!

  4. This is Elk Wild Cat.



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