Sunday, 12 May 2013

Westone Clipper Six ... someone please snap this one up!
As I write this blog entry there are 17 hours left on the eBay UK listing for this Westone Clipper Six. Here's my recommendation: someone out there, snap this up soonest! I'd buy it myself if I wasn't financially embarrassed. It's a 1986 Matsumoku-made Japanese Westone guitar and has a Buy It Now price of £155. What more could you want?

It's a simple no-nonsense guitar, as the seller points out:
Slab hardwood body, maple neck with a beautiful genuine ebony fingerboard. Westone engraved genuine Gotoh tuners.Tele style through body bridge. The slant pickup is unique. This is NOT a humbucker, but 2 seperate single coils on 1 baseplate, that can be switched on or off using the 2 toggle switches. Single vol, no tone and a nice tight jack socket.
The singer of a band I was in during the tail-end of the 1980s had one of these guitars; he only used it on one or two songs, and despite the fact that I had a pair of Fenders (a Strat and a Tele), I always secretly coveted his guitar. It was such a nice player.

And yes, it does have a Telecaster thing going on stylistically (so much so that Status Quo's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt were roped in to advertise it in the music press), although the sharp lower horn is a nice departure from the original Tele design.

If you do buy it, please tell us in the comments below.

G L Wilson

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  1. 40 mins to go.... times like this when I hate being a student..... if this was up a month ago it would be all mine, just got myself a yamaha bass though. Plays really well for a cheapo

  2. also a nice project for someone

  3. Ahhh... No wonder no-one bid on it: "No shipping box so cash on collection from near Hertford/Stevenage."

    I didn't notice that before.

    The seller is shooting himself in the foot by not offering to send the item. He should find or even make a box for it (I've made boxes plenty of times for guitars I've sold).

  4. I saw this one a while ago and would have put an offer in myself but like you've pointed out no postage! It's so annoying because it's really easy these days especially with the convenience of door to door couriers. I send my guitars all over the world and I reap the financial reward for doing so. There was a custom shop First Act a while ago that I wanted to buy with a professional hardcase and the seller wouldn't post that either. It went for £340 must have cost closer to 1800 when he bought it. p.s I also sell shipping boxes for guitars search for them on ebay :-)

  5. Had another look at it this morning and the seller had added postage for 13 quid, so I grabbed it, 168 in total, fair price isn't it? I just got excited about him adding the postage and laid my cash down without thinking about it. Hopefully it plays as good as it looks, thanks for pointing this out I would have missed it if it wasn't for this wonderful little blog.

    1. Well done. I think you should be happy with the guitar. Report back and tell us about it. Write us a review even, if you feel so inclined!

  6. I bought one of these off Fleabay for around £80. White. Very good condition too. Just needed the wonky miniswitches changing. For that price, you can keep your modern Chinese rubbish. It's a darn good player, but then, that's Matsumoku for you.

  7. I have one - excellent for fast lead. The neck is very narrow and the frets are very small, almost like mandolin frets. Thus the shredder feel. Standard pick up is rather brassy in tone. I find my right hand hits the volume constantly. I have kept it though: changed the pickup for a Seymore Duncan hot rail, keept the two switches, moved the volume and put on a new neck. You could do all this too Or just buy a Squier for less money.



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