Friday, 24 May 2013

Cyan FU Virgin

This FU Virgin by German company Cyan Guitars is the signature guitar of Farin Urlaub, the frontman of Die Ärzte, one of the most famous German punk-rock bands. Classic and classy (Urlaub's personal model sports a skull, fortunately non standard), it combines an elegant outline with an impression of strength and efficiency I'd call German if I didn't want to avoid pointless clichés. And I love these modernist soundholes!

It's not only the looks, the pickups choice is special, on the same guitar you have a Di Marzio Megadrive in bridge position and a Duesenberg Grand Vintage in neck position - that probably allows a great range of sounds.

Bertram D

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1 comment:

  1. Gretsch shape inspired by Fender tele deluxe thinline, Gibsonesque neck and Vigier headstock...but it all seems to work together. Definitely german. To compare this one with a Duesenberg (that seems to set the standards by now)is to compare a Audi to a Mercedes or a BMW (Audis are great cars also but not as "glamourous"!)



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